Commemorating Tippu is part of age-old conventions in resisting the fascist onslaught which has caused the patriotism of Indian Muslims to be at stake. Given the fact that Tippu’s life was replete with glory and grandeur great enough to send shock waves through the minds of any stubborn fascist, it becomes twice as relevant to pay tributes to an exemplary leader who sacrificed his life for the welfare of his country men.

A government which turns a blind eye to Wagon tragedy only because its victims essentially constituted Muslims, deserves no pat on its back. Since the history of this great man has greatly disconcerted them and has in fact had them running amuck, it is high time we fought tooth and nail any orchestrated efforts to disgrace Tippu. Not only are the fascists portraying Tippu as Anti Hindu, but they are sparing no effort in presenting him as the ultimate in fanatic communalism, which is what we are hell-bent to disprove.


Author  : A.S.Andathode

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